Can You Put Cricut Vinyl on Tumblers?

Can You Put Cricut Vinyl On Tumblers?

It is not uncommon for people to wonder if they can put Cricut Vinyl on tumblers. After all, tumblers are a great way to express one’s style and personality, and what better way than to decorate them with vinyl from Cricut? The answer is yes, you can use Cricut Vinyl on tumblers!

One of the best things about using Cricut Vinyl on tumblers is the fact that there are virtually no limitations when it comes to design.

Whether you want a simple monogram or an intricate design, you can create it with the help of Cricut vinyl. Plus, once your design is cut out, it’s easy to transfer it onto the tumbler using transfer paper. This makes it much easier than trying to draw designs freehand or with a Sharpie.

Another great thing about using Cricut Vinyl on tumblers is that they are highly durable. Once your design has been properly applied and sealed with a sealant like Mod Podge, your design should last for many years without fading or peeling off. This means that you can enjoy your custom-made tumbler for years to come.

Finally, using Cricut Vinyl on tumblers allows you to create multiple designs without having to purchase multiple pieces of vinyl. This means that you don’t have to worry about buying too much or too little vinyl for each project. Instead, you can simply buy one sheet of vinyl and use it over again for different projects.


In conclusion, there are many advantages to using Cricut Vinyl on tumblers. Not only is it easy to transfer the designs onto the tumbler but they are also highly durable and reusable. With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people love decorating their tumblers with Cricut Vinyl!