Can You Patent a Product Design?

A product design is the visual representation of a product idea. It is a combination of shapes, lines, and other elements that give the product its unique look and feel. Product design is an important part of the product development process, as it sets the stage for how the product will be manufactured, marketed, and used by consumers.

Patenting a product design can be tricky. A patent grants exclusive rights to an inventor for a limited period of time.

In order to obtain a patent, an invention must meet several criteria: it must be novel, useful, and non-obvious. These criteria are assessed by examining prior art (pre-existing designs) in order to determine if your invention is novel and non-obvious.

It’s important to note that not all product designs can be patented. For example, if your design merely has minor variations on existing designs or is too generic or obvious in its concept then it would not qualify for patent protection.

Design Patents vs Utility Patents

In order to protect your product design with a patent, you must decide which type of patent is most suitable: a design patent or utility patent. Design patents protect ornamental designs of products while utility patents protect functional aspects such as processes or methods.

Filing Requirements

When filing for either type of patent, you must provide drawings or photographs of your invention as well as detailed descriptions in order to demonstrate how it meets all three criteria mentioned above (novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness). You must also pay fees associated with filing the application.


In conclusion, while it is possible to obtain a patent for a product design; it is not always easy or straightforward. You must carefully consider which type of patent best suits your invention and ensure that you meet all filing requirements in order for your application to be successful.

Can You Patent A Product Design?

Yes – but only under certain conditions. It’s important to understand what types of patents are available and what criteria must be met in order for your application to be approved before attempting to file one.