Can You Make Phone Cases With Cricut?

Cricut is an amazing tool that can help you create custom phone cases that look like they were made by a professional. With the right materials and a few easy steps, anyone can make their own unique phone cases with Cricut.

The first step in making a phone case with Cricut is to select the material you want to use. Cricut offers a wide range of materials, from plastic to leather, so you can find the perfect material for your case. You can also choose from a variety of colors and textures, so you can create something truly unique. Once you’ve chosen your material, it’s time to design your case.

Using Cricut’s Design Space software, you can easily design your phone case layout. You can either use one of their pre-made designs or create your own custom design using their various tools and features.

With Design Space, you can add text and images to your design, as well as adjust the size and shape of the design if desired.

Once you’ve finished designing your phone case layout, it’s time to cut out the material using your Cricut machine. Depending on the type of material you chose, this may require different blades or settings for optimal results. Once all of the pieces are cut out, it’s time to assemble them into a finished product.

To assemble your phone case, start by laying down all the pieces on a flat surface in the order that they need to be assembled in. Then use adhesive or glue to attach them together until you have created one solid piece that looks just like a professional phone case!


Making custom phone cases with Cricut is an easy and fun way to make something unique and personal for yourself or someone special in your life. With just a few simple steps and some creative flair, anyone can make their own beautiful phone cases with this amazing device.