Can You Do 3D Design in Illustrator?

3D design is an incredibly popular form of graphic design. It’s used to create a range of objects, from logos to product packaging and more. But is it possible to do 3D design in Adobe Illustrator?

The short answer is yes – you can create 3D designs in Illustrator. It has a range of tools and features that make it possible to create 3D models, including Extrude & Bevel, Revolve, Free Distort and more. You can also use the 3D Effects panel to add depth and realism to your designs.

The Extrude & Bevel function lets you create three-dimensional shapes from two-dimensional objects by extruding them into the third dimension. You can adjust the depth of the extrusion, as well as the beveling of the edges for a realistic look.

The Revolve feature lets you take a shape and rotate it around an axis to create a three-dimensional object with realistic shading and highlights. And with Free Distort, you can distort any object in any direction for a unique 3D effect.

You can also use the 3D Effects panel to customize your 3D designs. This panel has several options for creating realistic lighting effects on your objects, such as spotlights and ambient lighting. You can also customize material settings such as color, shine, transparency and reflection to give your objects a detailed look.

In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator has all the tools necessary for creating stunning 3D designs. With its advanced features like Extrude & Bevel, Revolve and Free Distort, you can easily create three-dimensional objects with realistic lighting effects and material settings. So yes – you can do 3D design in Illustrator!