Can Silhouette Cut Stickers?

Can Silhouette Cut Stickers?
The answer is yes, Silhouette cutting machines can be used to cut stickers.

This versatile tool not only cuts paper, fabric, and cardstock but it can also be used to create custom stickers in any shape or size. With the use of vinyl sheets and transfer paper, you can create your own professional-looking stickers with your Silhouette machine.

Step 1: Design Your Sticker

The first step in creating a sticker with a Silhouette is to design the sticker. There are two options for creating your design: you can either draw it by hand or use a computer program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. If you choose the computer program route, you’ll need to convert your design into an .SVG file format before you can send it to the machine.

Step 2: Cut Your Sticker

Once your design is ready, you’ll need to select the correct settings for cutting. For sticker vinyl, the settings will vary depending on the brand of vinyl that you’re using.

Generally speaking, a setting of 10 speed and 10 thickness should do the trick. Once you’ve chosen the correct settings, load your vinyl into the machine and press “Send” to start cutting! Depending on how intricate your design is, this process could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more.

Step 3: Weeding & Transferring

Once the cutting is finished, it’s time for weeding and transferring. Weeding involves removing any excess vinyl that isn’t part of your design – think of it as picking out all of those tiny pieces that are left behind after cutting!

This step can be tedious but it’s important for making sure that your stickers look sharp and professional when they’re applied. After weeding, use transfer paper to move your design from the backing sheet onto its final surface – this could be anything from a notebook cover to a car window!


In conclusion, yes – Silhouette machines can be used to cut stickers! With just a few simple steps – designing your sticker, loading it into the machine and cutting it out – as well as some extra steps like weeding and transferring – you’ll have custom stickers in no time!