Can I Get Into Product Design Without a Degree?

Product design is an exciting career path that allows creative individuals to express their ideas through tangible solutions. With the emergence of new technologies and the increasing complexity of products, product designers are in high demand.

But can you get into product design without a degree? The answer is yes!

What You Need To Get Started
Getting into product design without a degree requires hard work and dedication. It is important to have a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful in this field.

Product design requires both technical skills and creativity, so having a basic understanding of engineering and design principles is essential. Additionally, familiarity with user-experience (UX) principles and software like Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch can be tremendously helpful.

Personal Projects
One of the best ways to get started in product design without a degree is to create personal projects. This can include anything from designing an app or website, creating a 3D printed prototype, or simply sketching out ideas for products.

Working on personal projects allows you to develop your skills while also gaining the experience necessary for getting hired as a product designer. Personal projects also give you something tangible to show potential employers when applying for jobs.

Network with Professionals
Networking with professionals in the product design field is also key when trying to break into this industry without a degree. Having an experienced mentor can be invaluable when it comes to learning the ropes and getting advice on how to land your first job as a product designer. Additionally, attending events like hackathons or conferences focused on product design can help you connect with potential employers who are looking for talented individuals like yourself.


The bottom line is that it is possible to get into product design without a degree – all it takes is dedication, hard work, and the right connections. With some creative problem-solving skills, an understanding of engineering principles, and familiarity with UX principles and software, you have all of the tools necessary for pursuing this exciting career path!