Can Graphic Designers Do Product Design?

Graphic designers are often seen as the visual interpreters of a brand. They are responsible for creating logos, advertisements, and other visuals that will help to best express the message and values of the brand. But can graphic designers do product design?

The short answer is yes, graphic designers can do product design, but it depends on the individual designer’s skill set and experience. Graphic designers who have an understanding of product design principles such as color theory, typography, and illustration will be able to effectively create product designs. In addition, many graphic designers have knowledge in digital media such as web design and animation that is also helpful when creating product designs.

However, most graphic designers will not be able to create a fully functioning product from scratch. Product design requires a level of engineering knowledge that many graphic designers lack. A good example of this is when designing for 3D printing – a graphic designer may be able to create a 3D model of the product but they may not have the knowledge needed to make sure it functions correctly in real life.

Design Process

When designing products, there is usually a standard process that needs to be followed. Generally speaking, this involves coming up with an idea or concept; doing research into existing products; sketching out ideas on paper; using computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator or SketchUp to create detailed designs; prototyping the product using 3D printing or other methods; testing the prototype with users; making modifications based on feedback; and finally producing the finished product.


In conclusion, while it is possible for graphic designers to do some aspects of product design – such as creating visuals – they should not attempt to take on all aspects of designing a fully functioning product without having some understanding of engineering principles. By working closely with experienced engineers during the design process, however, talented graphic designers can create stunning visual designs that would otherwise be impossible.