Can Cricut Explore Cut Stamped Images?

The Cricut Explore is a cutting-machine designed to work with a variety of materials – from cardstock and paper, to vinyl, fabric and more. But can it cut stamped images? The answer is yes, but there are certain limitations.

The Cricut Explore has the ability to cut stamp images using its built-in software. However, the stamps must be in vector format for them to be compatible with the cutting machine.

Vector images can be created using various graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Vector images are made up of points and paths that can be manipulated in order to create a desired shape or image.

Once the image is in vector format, it can then be uploaded into the Cricut Explore software. From there, you can resize the image as needed and adjust its settings to suit your project. You’ll also be able to adjust the blade depth and speed so that it will precisely cut your stamp image.

It’s important to note that some stamps may not be suitable for cutting with the Cricut Explore. This is because some stamps contain intricate details that may not translate well when digitized and scaled down into a vector file. Additionally, some stamps may have too much ink coverage which could make it difficult for the blade to cut through.


In conclusion, yes – the Cricut Explore can cut stamped images as long as they are in vector format. However, there are certain limitations depending on the complexity of the stamp and its ink coverage which could make it difficult for the blade to successfully cut through.