Can Cricut Cut Acrylic Cake Toppers?

Cricut cutting machines offer an incredible way to quickly and easily create beautiful cake toppers with perfect precision. With its deep-cut blade, Cricut is capable of cutting through a wide variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric and even acrylic.

This makes it perfect for creating stunning cake toppers with intricate details and intricate designs.

Acrylic is a popular material for making cake toppers because it is lightweight yet durable – able to withstand the rigors of being placed on top of the cake without breaking or cracking. It’s also easy to clean and customize with paints, glitter, and other materials. Plus, acrylic comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and thicknesses – so you can find the perfect style for your cake design.

When using Cricut to cut acrylic cake toppers, it’s important to select the correct blade setting as well as appropriate pressure settings in order to achieve a clean cut. The deep-cut blade should be used for thick acrylics (1/16” or thicker), while lighter pressure should be used for thinner sheets (3/32” or thinner). Additionally, when cutting detailed shapes out of acrylic it’s important to use low speed settings so that the cutter won’t overheat.

Cricut machines can also be used with other materials such as wood veneer or chipboard when creating unique custom cake toppers. With these materials however it is important that you use extra caution when cutting so that you don’t damage your machine or ruin your project.


Yes – Cricut is capable of cutting through acrylic sheets in order to create beautiful cake toppers with precision and accuracy. However it is important that you choose the correct blade settings and pressure levels depending on the thickness of your acrylic sheet in order to achieve optimum results.