Can Architects Do Industrial Design?

Architects and industrial designers both have the potential to create truly breathtaking designs. Architects typically focus on residential and commercial buildings, while industrial designers tend to focus on products. While both disciplines are focused on creating innovative aesthetic designs, there are key differences between the two.

Architecture is concerned with the design of buildings and other structures that can be seen from the outside.

Architects must consider how a building will fit into its environment, as well as how it will look from various angles. Additionally, architects must consider how a structure will be used by people inside of it, such as how people will move around in a space.

Industrial Design focuses on objects that are used by people—typically products like furniture or appliances. Industrial designers must think about how an object can be used in different ways and how it fits into its environment. Additionally, they must consider ergonomics—how an object can be used comfortably—and materials—what materials should be used to create an object that is durable and aesthetically pleasing?

Both architecture and industrial design require creative thinking and problem solving skills, including knowledge of form and function. However, there are some key differences between the two disciplines that distinguish them from one another:

  • Architects must consider space planning while industrial designers must consider ergonomics.
  • Architects tend to focus on large-scale projects while industrial designers focus on smaller-scale projects.
  • Architects must think about a building’s relationship to its environment while industrial designers must think about an object’s relationship to its environment.

Can Architects Do Industrial Design?

Yes, architects can certainly do industrial design if they have an interest in it or if their projects require it. However, since their training focuses mainly on architecture rather than product design, they may not possess all the necessary skills for successful industrial design work.

Industrial designers typically have an understanding of production processes which is not necessarily part of an architect’s training. Additionally, architects may need additional training in areas such as ergonomics in order to fully understand product design principles.

Conclusion: While it is possible for architects to do industrial design work, they may need additional training in order to excel at this type of work due to the differences between architecture and product design principles.