Can a Landscape Architect Design a Deck?

A landscape architect can design a deck, but their scope of design goes far beyond constructing wooden platforms. A landscape architect can help create outdoor living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable. Landscape architects are trained to look at the entirety of a site and develop creative solutions to meet a client’s needs.

When designing a deck, a landscape architect will consider the style, layout and materials to be used for the project. They will also consider how the deck will integrate with the existing terrain, as well as any existing structures or features on the property.

Additionally, they may incorporate features such as built-in seating and planter boxes into the design. Landscape architects may also consider how the deck can be integrated with other outdoor living elements such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or hot tubs.

Aside from aesthetics and functionality, landscape architects can also help ensure that decks are constructed in an environmentally conscious manner. This includes using materials such as sustainably harvested wood or composite materials that are made from recycled material. Additionally, they may create designs that minimize soil erosion or manage stormwater runoff in order to prevent damage to adjacent areas of the property or nearby waterways.

In short, landscape architects have a vast array of skills that can be applied to the design of decks. Beyond simply constructing wooden platforms, they can create beautiful outdoor living spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious.


In conclusion, landscape architects have both the expertise and creativity to design decks that not only look great but also enhance their surroundings in an ecologically responsible way. Whether it’s for relaxation or entertaining guests, a properly designed deck will bring years of enjoyment for all who use it.