Are There Any Games Like Design Home?

Design Home is an incredibly popular mobile game that allows users to design and decorate virtual spaces. Players use their own creativity and imagination to create their own unique living spaces, while earning rewards along the way. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times since its launch in 2016, and its popularity continues to grow.

If you’re a fan of Design Home, then you might be looking for similar games. Fortunately, there are plenty of great alternatives available. These games offer the same creative freedom and customization options as Design Home, but with different themes and gameplay mechanics.

Interior Design Story is a great option for anyone who loves Design Home. The gameplay is similar – players must design their own homes using furniture, decorations, and other items. The goal is to make your house look as stylish and inviting as possible while earning coins to buy more items.

My Home: Design Dreams is another popular option for fans of Design Home. This game allows players to decorate multiple rooms in their dream home with over 500 pieces of furniture and décor. They can even customize the home’s exterior with plants and outdoor decorations.

Homescapes takes a slightly different approach than most home design games. Instead of designing from scratch, players must help restore an old mansion by completing puzzles in each room. As they progress through the levels, they can also add furniture and decorations to make the house look more modern.

The Sims Mobile, one of the most popular simulation games ever released, also has some similarities with Design Home. Players take control of a simulated family as they build their dream homes from scratch by customizing every aspect from walls to floors. They can also purchase new furniture or decorations to give their virtual homes an extra touch of personality.


The good news is that there are plenty of games out there that offer a similar experience as Design Home – whether it’s customizing your dream home or just adding some extra flair to a pre-existing space – so you’ll never be short on options!