Are Silhouette Goose Decoys Effective?

Goose decoys are a popular method of attracting waterfowl to a hunting area. A Silhouette goose decoy is a two-dimensional, flat-bodied, life-sized image of a goose that is used to mimic the real thing. They are an easy and inexpensive way to lure geese into range for hunters who want to harvest them.

Silhouette decoys come in different sizes and shapes. Some are more realistic looking than others and can be used in various types of terrain to simulate the natural environment. The most realistic looking Silhouette decoys are made from latex rubber or plastic and have a life-sized shape with accurate details such as feathers, eyes, heads, and feet.

Silhouette goose decoys can be effective when used correctly. They can be used as either stationary or moving Targets, depending on the type of hunting site. When placed correctly they can provide the illusion of real geese feeding in the area and attract more birds to the area.

For best results, it’s important to use multiple Silhouette decoys in different positions. This will create an illusion of movement and make it more difficult for geese to distinguish between real geese and Silhouettes. Also, using multiple colors will help break up the outline of the Silhouettes and make them harder for geese to detect.

Silhouette goose decoys are also effective when used with other forms of waterfowl calling such as duck or goose calls. The calls will help draw birds into range while the Silhouette decoys provide a visual cue that brings them closer. Many hunters find success using this combination technique.


In conclusion, Silhouette goose decoys can be an effective way to attract waterfowl into range for hunters looking to harvest them. They provide an inexpensive option compared to other types of decoys and offer flexibility in how they are used on different types of terrain. When combined with other forms of waterfowl calling they can become even more effective at drawing birds closer.