What Setting Do I Put My Cricut on for Faux Leather?

Working with faux leather is a great way to create unique and stylish projects. Whether you’re making bags, wallets, or even decorations, faux leather can create a beautiful finish. However, in order to ensure that your project turns out perfect, it’s important to set your Cricut machine correctly.

When it comes to setting your Cricut machine for faux leather, the most important thing is to choose the correct cutting mat. Faux leather is quite heavy and thick, so you’ll need a strong and durable cutting mat that won’t slip or move as you cut. The standard mat that comes with the Cricut Maker is a great choice for this type of material.

In terms of settings, there are two main options: blade depth and speed. For blade depth, the best setting to start with is 2mm – this should be enough to cut through the faux leather without breaking or tearing it. If your project requires more intricate cuts then you may need to increase the blade depth up to 3mm for better results.

The speed setting is also important when working with faux leather – if it’s set too low then it won’t cut through properly, while if it’s set too high then it could cause damage to the material. A good starting point is between 10 and 15 inches per second (IPS). You can always adjust this setting depending on how well the machine is cutting through the material.


When working with faux leather on your Cricut machine, be sure select a strong and durable cutting mat and adjust the blade depth and speed settings accordingly. The best settings to start with are 2mm for blade depth and 10-15 IPS for speed – however these can be adjusted depending on how well the machine cuts through your project.