What Projects Can I Do With My Cricut?

The Cricut is a cutting machine that can be used for many different projects, ranging from simple paper crafts to complex 3D designs. With a wide range of materials available, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what projects can be done with a Cricut. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, there are plenty of projects that can be done with your Cricut.

Paper Crafts

One of the most popular types of projects to do with a Cricut is paper crafts. With the wide range of papers and cardstock available, you can create intricate designs and cutouts that are perfect for scrapbooking, card making or other paper craft projects. The machine is also capable of cutting vinyl, which can be used to make stickers or add lettering to your project.

Fabric Projects

Using a Cricut machine, it’s possible to cut fabric for quilts, clothing, and other fabric-based projects. You can also use special tools and accessories to create iron-on designs. This makes it easy to customize fabric items such as t-shirts or bags.


The Cricut is even capable of cutting wood for woodworking projects. This allows you to create intricate designs out of wood that would not be possible with traditional tools. You can also use the machine to engrave wood items such as signs or plaques.


From simple paper crafts to intricate woodworking projects, there are many different things you can do with your Cricut. With its versatility and wide range of materials available, it is easy to find something fun and creative that you can make with your machine!