What Is Tropical Landscape Design?

Tropical landscape design is a form of landscape architecture that focuses on creating beautiful outdoor spaces with plants native to tropical climates. It typically uses lush foliage, bright colors, and lush textures to create a lush, inviting atmosphere.

It may also incorporate water features such as ponds or streams to create an even more inviting environment. This type of design is often seen in resorts, spas, and other luxury developments around the world.

Tropical plants are chosen for their hardiness and exotic beauty. Palms, ferns, bromeliads, lilies, and orchids are all popular choices in this type of landscape design.

These plants have the ability to thrive in warm climates and can provide a stunning backdrop for any outdoor space. With careful selection of species and placement of plants, designers can create stunning visual effects that will add to the overall look and feel of the area.

Creating a tropical landscape design does not require extensive knowledge about gardening or horticulture. Many species are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance over time.

The key is choosing plants that will thrive in the climate of the area in which they are being planted. When selecting plants for a tropical landscape design it is important to consider how much sun each species needs as well as its hardiness level.

Water Features

Including water features such as ponds or streams can add a unique element to any tropical landscape design. These natural elements provide added visual interest while also providing habitat for local wildlife. Water features can be designed in different sizes and shapes depending on available space and the desired effect.


Lighting plays an important role in every outdoor space but especially when it comes to creating a tropical feel. Incorporating lighting fixtures in different locations throughout the area will help bring out the beauty of each plant species as well as adding visual interest after dark. LED lights are energy efficient options that come in many different colors depending on desired effect.


What Is Tropical Landscape Design?

Tropical landscape design is an art form that combines exotic flora with creative landscaping techniques to create beautiful outdoor spaces with vibrant colors and textures. This type of design often incorporates water features such as ponds or streams along with carefully placed lighting fixtures to bring out all of its beauty both during the day and at night. With careful selection of native species and placement within an area’s climate these designs can provide stunning visuals while also providing habitat for wildlife.