How Do You Turn Words Into a Shape in Silhouette?

Turning words into shapes in Silhouette is a great way to add a unique and creative touch to any project. Whether you are creating a logo for your business or making your own custom t-shirt, using Silhouette to turn words into shapes can bring a fun and interesting look to your project.

Using Silhouette’s text-to-shape feature is quite simple. All you need is the software installed on your computer and some words that you would like to turn into shapes.

First, open Silhouette and create a new file. Then type the words that you would like to turn into shapes using the text box provided.

Once you have typed in the words, select them all and right click. You will be presented with several options, one of which is “Convert to Shape”. Click on this option and the software will convert your words into individual shapes.

Now that your words are converted into shapes, you can start manipulating them however you want. You can change their size, rotate them, move them around, or add different colors to make them stand out even more. You can also group them together so they look like one big shape instead of individual letters.

The possibilities with this feature are endless and it can be used for so many different projects!


Using Silhouette’s text-to-shape feature is an easy way to create unique designs for any project. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly turn ordinary words into creative works of art!