How Do You Draw a Silhouette of a Reindeer?

Drawing a Silhouette of a reindeer is an easy and fun way to create beautiful winter art. It doesn’t require any artistic skill – just a bit of patience and the right materials.

And the best part? You don’t even need to be able to draw! Here are the steps to follow to make your own reindeer Silhouette:

1. Trace – Gather some tracing paper and place it over a black-and-white image of a reindeer (or draw your own!).

Trace around the Silhouette with a pencil or marker. Keep the lines light, so that you can erase them later.

2. Cut – Carefully cut out the traced shape from the tracing paper using scissors.

3. Transfer – Place the cutout shape onto some cardstock or other sturdy material and trace around it with a pencil. This will transfer your design onto the cardstock.

4. Color – Once you have transferred your design, color in the outline with either markers or colored pencils.


Embellish – Add some festive finishing touches such as glitter, sequins, or other decorations of your choice.

6. Hang up!


Your handmade reindeer Silhouette is now ready for display! .

Whether you choose to hang it on your front door as a seasonal decoration, or give it away as a special holiday gift, this simple craft project is sure to bring cheer to all who see it.



Drawing a Silhouette of a reindeer can be an easy and fun craft project for all ages! With just some tracing paper, scissors, cardstock and basic art supplies, you can quickly create beautiful winter art that will bring joy during the holidays.