Does Erin Napier Design the Homes on Home Town?

Erin Napier is the co-host of HGTV’s Home Town. She and her husband Ben are responsible for revitalizing the small town of Laurel, Mississippi.

They specialize in restoring historic homes and giving them modern updates. But do they actually design the homes themselves?

The answer is both yes and no. Erin and Ben are at the helm of their own design firm, which they started in 2006.

The firm creates designs for new construction as well as renovations to existing buildings. They typically handle all aspects of the design process, from concept to completion. This includes selecting materials, colors, furniture, and other decor items.

But when it comes to Home Town, Erin and Ben don’t design each home themselves. Instead, they work with a team of designers who create custom plans for each project. This allows them to focus on the renovation process itself while still ensuring that each home looks amazing when it’s finished.

Erin and Ben also bring their own unique style to all of the homes on Home Town. They use classic elements like shiplap walls, exposed brick fireplaces, and vintage furnishings to give each home a timeless look that fits in with the town’s historic charm.

So while Erin and Ben don’t design every single home on Home Town themselves, they are still heavily involved in all aspects of the design process. From selecting materials to picking out furniture pieces, Erin and Ben put their personal stamp on each house before it’s ready for its close-up.

Conclusion: So while Erin Napier does not personally design every single home on Home Town herself, she is involved in every aspect of the design process from concept to completion through her own design firm. Her signature style is seen throughout all of the homes featured on HGTV’s Home Town show.