Do Product Managers Need to Know Product Design?

Product managers are the people responsible for managing the development and launch of a product. They need to be able to effectively assess customer needs, create product roadmaps, manage resources, and develop marketing plans. With all of these responsibilities, do product managers need to know product design as well?

The answer is yes! Product design is an integral part of any successful product launch.

Product design is the process of understanding what customers want and then creating a product to meet those needs. Product managers need to be able to think through the user experience of their products and ensure that they are intuitive and engaging. This means understanding how users interact with the interface, how they navigate through menus, and what features are most important for them.

Product managers also need to be able to communicate their vision for the product effectively. This means being able to explain why certain features were included or excluded from the design as well as understanding how changes in one area can affect another part of the product. If a product manager cannot articulate their vision in a way that resonates with developers, they won’t be able to bring their ideas to fruition.

When it comes down to it, product managers need to have an understanding of both the technical aspects of their products as well as the user experience components. In order for them to do this effectively, they must understand how design impacts user behavior and how these behaviors influence customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, it is clear that product managers need an understanding of product design in order to be successful in their roles. Without this knowledge, they will not be able to create products that meet customer needs or communicate their vision effectively. Product managers need both technical skills as well as an understanding of user experience best practices in order for them to succeed.